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Jude Murphy / Scrapbooks and Broken Strings

  • Jude Murphy / Scrapbooks and Broken Strings
Scrapbooks and Broken Strings recounts Jude Murphy’s formative years set firmly in the Australian 80s. After a shocking tragedy pierces her childhood, Jude struggles to manage her grief, endure the challenges of young adulthood, navigate a series of tumultuous relationships and traverse the terrain of motherhood and post-natal depression. In this courageously candid and often darkly humorous memoir, Jude shares her battle with drugs, alcohol, illness and madness. Well paced and written in a conversational tone, Scrapbooks and Broken Strings will take you through a range of emotional highs and lows before concluding with a sense of hope.
Readers' responses to Scrapbooks and Broken Strings:
'Couldn't put it down, even through the tears. So honest, raw and courageous…'
'I just finished your book and with some tears rolling down my cheeks, I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for writing it, for sharing that amazingly tragic, beautiful, painful and exhilarating story all wrapped into one book... I particularly loved the final thoughts on the mountain about the different glasses you can look at your life through. Just beautiful.'
'I've just finished Scrapbooks and Broken Strings… What a powerful story and an amazing roller coaster of a life you have lived. I'm so proud of where you are now.'
'I just wanted to let you know that I read your book and loved it. Cried a couple of times and found it so engaging. Loved your writing style and your voice translated perfectly into text. Thanks for sharing.'
978 1 76109 211 4, 122pp




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