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Andrys Onsman / Enveiling and surrounding poems

  • Andrys Onsman / Enveiling and surrounding poems
Once described by Andrew Sant as a ‘great talent’, Andrys Onsman writes from a migrant’s perspective; both joyfully engaged and warily observant. His poetry, plays, essays and translations often focus on how relationships between people and ideas shape the way in which they construct their world.
‘Onsman works from a broad historical spectrum of art that seems to invite the reader to reconceptualise [experience] as an artistic process.’ - Robert Nelson, art critic, author of The Creativity Crisis
In this collection of poems, Andrys considers how we continually recreate our identities through our relationships with the people, places and ideas we love and value; how we weave every experience into redefining who we are as we move through the physical present and the remembered past.
‘“Exogeneity” is a triumph! This is an outstanding poem…’ - Di Cousens, author of The Freedom To Be
978 1 76109 225 1, 66pp




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