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Ray Clift / Cops, Crooks, Courts & Spooks

  • Ray Clift / Cops, Crooks, Courts & Spooks
Enjoy a kaleidoscope of social history and down-to-earth humour as Cops, Crooks, Courts & Spooks traces the life of Ray Clift through sickness, recovery, sadness, the discovery of the truth about his birth and many life-threatening moments as a long-serving Adelaide police officer, during which he received citations for courage. Not satisfied with a quiet retirement, he moved into a fifteen-year career as a court sheriff’s office in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. He also served some years in the Reserve forces, most of it in Army Intelligence. The book includes accounts of Ray’s contact beyond the veil with Grey Eagle, his spirit guide, who leads him in automatic writing and helps him understand his vivid dreams. Ray also describes his encounters with ghosts, which are revealing and often very funny.
978 1 74027 902 4, 178pp




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