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Mary Pomfret / Cleaning Out the Closet

  • Mary Pomfret / Cleaning Out the Closet
Cleaning out the closet is typically a woman’s task. It is also a perfect metaphor for the creative endeavour as it rummages through junk - items long discarded or abandoned – for signs of renewal. In the tradition of the great female storytellers - Alice Munro, Doris Lessing, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf - Mary Pomfret reveals the dramatic, consequential and often painful intimacies harboured within the seemingly innocuous details of family life.’ – Sue Gillett
‘Mary Pomfret’s fiction explores uncanny inner landscapes of memory and desire. Her stories challenge the amnesia behind everyday existence and after a reading we are reacquainted with our strangely familiar, vulnerable and eminently human better selves.’ – Ian Irvine
‘Mary Pomfret’s stories speak to the heart of family darkness, sibling rivalry, filial love and lost innocence, without for an instant being melodramatic or overwrought. These beautiful, compelling tales are peopled with complex characters and told by a writer who makes the domestic sublime.’ – Alice Pung
Born in Manchester in the north of England and the eldest of eight children, Mary Pomfret lives in central Victoria and works as a freelance writer. She spent much of her childhood in Tasmania, including the mining town of Rosebery on Tasmania’s west coast. As a young adult she lived and worked in Alice Springs. Her short stories have been published in a variety of literary journals and anthologies, both nationally and internationally. Her special interest is women’s writing.
978 1 74027 856 0, 74pp




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