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Rex Jacobs / When Dead's Not Quite & other stories

  • Rex Jacobs / When Dead\'s Not Quite & other stories
Since being falsely accused of plagiarising an essay in sixth grade, I turned my attention everywhere except writing and only took it up again fifteen years ago to transcribe and publish my grandfather’s war diaries of the Somme. Once this task was successfully completed, the juices were once again flowing. During the fifty-seven years since that desperately lonely moment at school, I have never stopped observing people and the interaction of the human species. I still have those few pages of cursive blue ink scrawl. It was the autobiography of Lew Hoad’s sandshoe. The teacher refused to mark it. It became my first official rejection slip. I am indebted to him. I now have the hunger to prove him wrong. Life is a wonderful, exciting, sometimes dangerous and often totally boring trip. I have certainly had a taste of all these slices of the human experience and thankfully have managed not to overdose in any particular compartment. I strive to write as honestly and openly as possible, but will never get drawn into discussing the source of inspiration for any particular tale. They are all true in some way. We all have our own truth. That is the way with mankind. My journey is sixty-eight years young, and if you don’t find me plonking away at a keyboard, I’ll be somewhere behind the lens of my faithful Nikon, or manipulating some glass or tile into a piece of mosaic art. I write for enjoyment, and strive to capture that ‘I know where he’s coming from’ moment. I hope I have succeeded.
978 1 74027 909 3, 84pp


When Dead's Not Quite


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