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Angela Pritchard / Bending the Rules

  • Angela Pritchard / Bending the Rules
Most of us have packed a suitcase or a small bag to go on a journey somewhere… But to pack a suitcase for the last journey of all? The hand luggage, crammed full or almost empty, with which to arrive in heaven? Angela Pritchard’s childhood is in post-war London and later she trains as a nurse in one of the big teaching hospitals there. After immigrating to Australia in 1963, her parents are told she is expected to die on an operating table, and nine years later she assists her mother to die with associated concerns for her future professional work. This insightful memoir openly shares these stories of life and end of life. On returning to nursing in Perth, Angela helps many people, including her father, to ‘pack their suitcase’ for that final journey we all must take.
978 1 76109 250 3, 72pp




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