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Sarah Radford / Whispers on the Trampoline

  • Sarah Radford / Whispers on the Trampoline
Bella was only seventeen when her mother Elie died. Jack and Katie were even younger. Each dealt with the loss in different ways: Bella became the surrogate mother, the responsible one; Katie the arty rebellious eternal wild child; and Jack never settled, changing jobs and girlfriends, looking for the next adventure. When Bella discovers Elie’s diary stashed away among her father’s belongings, she and her siblings spend the next year reading it together and within its pages are given the chance to remember their childhood through their mother’s eyes, challenge family narratives and discover the secrets and wisdom she didn’t have time to tell them. It is a gift from her to challenge the past and face the future with a new perspective. Whispers on the Trampoline is a beautiful tale about a mother who turned everyday events into magical stories; and the chance, over a dozen years later, for her three children to finally finish the story she started telling.
978 1 76041 107 7, 144pp




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