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Antonia Hildebrand / The Darkened Room

  • Antonia Hildebrand / The Darkened Room
The Davisons seemed a golden couple. Sam is a rich, successful doctor, Leonora his glamorous and loving wife. She is a devoted mother and a tireless fundraiser for many charities. But her husband found another woman and demanded a divorce, and Leonora is on trial for shooting him and his new wife. She broke into their bedroom, the darkened room of the title, shot the woman as she lay in bed and killed her husband while he struggled to reach the phone. Was she a cold-blooded murderer? The greedy, vindictive woman the prosecution described? Or was she a woman driven to madness by an abusive marriage and a bitter divorce that left her demoralised and broken, and in a dissociative state, as her defence lawyer argues?
978 1 76109 268 8, 178pp




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