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Decima Wraxall / Glimmers of Light

  • Decima Wraxall / Glimmers of Light
"In Glimmers of Light, Decima Wraxall gives us an array of poems graphically written, as she says, with the ‘struggle to understand our troubled society and who we might be’. The dark moments of our world, the injustices, disorder, struggles and losses of the past few years are loud, with many poems on the Covid attack. Masks and hospitals add narrative detail from Decima’s medical background. The title conveys that in the darkness there is light even if it be only pinpricks in a black sky or a bruised horizon at dawn, ‘stopping for the warble of a magpie’ in the poem ‘A Fountain Dances’, ‘the delight of an introspective Sauvignon blanc’ in ‘I am Lived’, or ‘sharing billy tea under whispering casuarinas’ in ‘Defiance’. We know that as with Vermeer paintings it is only the light that remains. Delve in, and be surprised with many gems on travel, love and history." - Colleen Keating
978 1 76109 270 1, 118pp




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