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Adrian Rogers / Pamir

  • Adrian Rogers / Pamir
Pamir is the story of a ship, from her building in 1905 to her loss at sea in 1957. She was one of the last of her kind, a celebration of the age of sail, of a seaman’s craft developed over thousands of years, only to lose out eventually to steam. Adrian Rogers has told her story as a tribute to all those who kept the world’s trade going through the centuries, at great risk to themselves, and often with very little reward. Their memory deserves to be honoured.
'This slim volume of poems will gladden and caress your heart. In a world full of negativity, deliberately manipulated by the mainstream media, this book is like a refreshing breath of clean, salt sea air. Even though it is a bittersweet story, it is one that seems natural and part of human endeavour.' - Setu
978 1 76109 276 3, 62pp




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