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Carolyn Cordon / Leonard Cohen Is Dead

  • Carolyn Cordon / Leonard Cohen Is Dead
'In this collection, Carolyn Cordon presents social observations and thoughtful utterances in unassuming but crafted language. These pages represent a crucible of poetry: rhyming, blank and free verse, stanza formats, tanka and other paragraphed sections delving into a variety of themes. There are philosophical statements mixed amongst distinctive declarations, and sage advice is put against the inquisitive nature of daily life. Carolyn presents occasional feminism with honest content, "what ifs" with interesting imagery, and contemporary ponderings presented in an unassuming positivity. There are also smatterings of irreverence to break up streaks of gravity. Carolyn includes an occasional nod of cultural or historical references set against personal commentary, and also balances rhetorical questions against interesting observations. These are musings of a suburban lass gone country with offerings for most people in the population to consider her unique observations from a woman of letters.' - Alex Robertson
978 1 76109 321 0, 96pp




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