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Thérèse Corfiatis & Britta Stenberg / Bridge of Words

  • Thérèse Corfiatis & Britta Stenberg / Bridge of Words
Two women. Two poets. Two countries. One man. Thérèse Corfiatis lives in Ulverstone, Tasmania; Britta Stenberg lives in Rentjärn, Sweden - two women joined in friendship by Tom Langston, who introduced them to each other long distance, during a trip to Sweden. This collaboration is a tribute to his memory.
This evocative collection written over the course of a year, from opposite ends of the earth, holds a fervent hope for readers to discover a moment caught in time.
Britta Stenberg is a published writer from Swedish Lapland with a number of novels and poetry to her name. She also writes for the stage. This is Britta’s first publication in Australia.
Thérèse Corfiatis lives and writes in Ulverstone on Tasmania’s beautiful north-west coast. She is a cat lover, avid cloud gazer, watcher of oceans and worshipper of the night sky.
978 1 76109 362 3, 78pp




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