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Adèle Ogiér Jones / Following Rivers in Trees

  • Adèle Ogiér Jones / Following Rivers in Trees
‘Explorations of place and time make for a wonderful, prismatic journey… Following Rivers in Trees captures the movement of time and life, one moment eddying under bridges and the next sweeping diaspora. Ogiér Jones’s latest collection traverses a rich “legacy of Irishness”, through seasons of blackberry-picking, centuries of history, and the exquisitely “busy tales” of otters. A beautiful exploration of the ephemerality of experience set against the vast, calm foreverness of the rivers of Cork.’ - Kim Kelly, author of Wild Chicory, The Blue Mile and The Rat Catcher
‘The meandering forms and quiet peace of Ogiér Jones’s river poems are the antidote to a chaotic world. In the tradition of the dinnseanchas, these poems celebrate the lore of place, while simultaneously connecting towns and villages through the movement of water. Fish, frogs, otters and birds become your crew as you navigate this closely observed and lyrical unveiling.’ - Audrey Molloy, author of The Important Things
978 1 76109 367 8, 142pp




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