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Virgilio Goncalves / As Clear as Modder

  • Virgilio Goncalves / As Clear as Modder
Virgilio Goncalves has worked out, finally, why he has a nomadic bent. It’s because a lot of the time he’s seeking the tribe that truly typifies him. Is he South African, Australian or Portuguese? Place has loomed like a restless shadow in his life. But which of the three countries to which he has ties is the one most a part of him? This collection looks at poems written in, or about, the three lands which tug at his heartstrings for captaincy status in his multicultural life. He also comes to the realisation that, despite this agitation about Place, he considers himself fortunate. Virgilio no longer works as a journalist, lecturer, ESL teacher or tennis coach. Instead, he writes. So far, two novels, two collections of poetry and a book of short stories. All this alphabet play nourishes him. At each day’s end, he’s grateful he’s had the chance to jiggle fingers on to yielding keys and see words come into being, as if by magic.
‘A memorable and special poetry collection.’ - Jude Aquilina
978 1 76109 369 2, 98pp




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