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Sue Cook / Parallel Lines

  • Sue Cook / Parallel Lines
These poems reveal various treasures observed, carried or embraced through a shifting landscape. Sue Cook reveals, re-images and crafts her engagement, sometimes alone or in the company of those she loves. There is an immense generosity in her will to share, in her wit and her wry take on the fragility she embraces and gifts the reader.’ - Rory Harris
‘The poems in Parallel Lines invite the reader to sit awhile and gaze upon elements of nature, cleverly and sometimes wryly written. “Woodcroft Walk” is nature inspired but says so much more about our world, while Sue's unique views on sleep are captured in such gems as “Sleep Surfing” and “On Edge”. There is a warmth, a comfort in the feeling of words that resonate and this collection you will want to keep close, for one read will not be enough.’ - Bernie Anderson
‘Sue Cook’s Parallel Lines is a wonderful mixture of eminently readable observations of daily life, mixed with the philosophical musings of a gifted wordsmith. The metaphorical language of her poems makes for a highly satisfying read, where inanimate objects come to life and wry comments pepper the pages A very enjoyable read - perfect for immersing oneself for a quiet hour or two.’ - Pam Ambagtsheer
'…these poems invite their audience to stop, reflect and connect with the world around them.' - SAETA
978 1 76109 371 5, 74pp




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