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Keith MacNider / Connemara Greening

  • Keith MacNider / Connemara Greening
'The poetry of Keith MacNider is like a ground spring, rising from deep within and lifting the reader to the airy grace of rivers, trees, stones, clouds, and to our human connection to the past and to the land. As a boy in Hong Kong, Keith spent hours lying in grassy fields, looking at the clouds thinking, and listening to the language of the natural world. Words, songs and the human voice captivated Keith and have brought him to the art of poetry as a medium to express the spiritual links between stories, memories and nature. The poetry in this, Keith’s first collection, represents the lifework of an outstandingly talented, worldly poet, who has published many individual poems across the globe. A seasoned traveller and experience seeker, Keith’s quests for natural beauty and ethereal knowledge have taken him to the green hills of Connemara in Ireland, the rocky and holy paths of the Navajo people in Arizona, to England, Canada, Hawaii and Australia. The poems in Connemara Greening tickle us awake to witness the gentle power of humanity in our shared and ancient psyche.' - Jude Aquilina
978 1 76109 376 0, 144pp




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