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PS Cottier & Sandra Renew / V8

  • PS Cottier & Sandra Renew / V8
V8 takes you on a journey in every form of vehicle, from the car to the bicycle, the ute to the train. Two poets reflect on their love of cars, the issues that arise from transport, and the many roads they have travelled.
'As we bunnyhop towards a petrol-free future, a planet without the V8, this is a book for everyone who has ever known the sheer joy of flooring it.' - Canberra Times
'I loved V8, and I am sure that other readers will love it as well, motorheads or not. PS Cottier and Sandra Renew have written a deeply pleasurable book full of fun, wordplay and a love of vehicles.' - Compulsive Reader
978 1 76109 382 1, 132pp




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