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Norelle Lickiss / Medicine as a Human Science

  • Norelle Lickiss / Medicine as a Human Science
‘In Medicine as a Human Science, Dr Norelle Lickiss explores the telos of medicine and the vocation of its practitioners. It is a small collection of essays, written in elegantly simple prose, but profound in its impact. Dr Lickiss’s ecological conception of medical practice presents the doctor-patient relationship, based on mutual respect, as the central dynamic of the art and science of healing. Based on her long experience as a consultant in oncology and palliative medicine, this renowned physician shares what she has learned and sketches a vision of medicine much needed in the world today.’ - Jack Coulehan MD, MPH
'Norelle Lickiss strongly believed that it was important to treat the person, not the disease. To that end, she saw her first responsibility as getting to know the person well, including getting to understand the individual’s future hopes and aspirations. This allowed her to understand not only what physical factors, but also what existential factors may be contributing to a patient’s suffering, and how these may be be helped.' - Neville F. Hacker AM
978 1 76109 384 5, 124pp




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