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Susan Garman / Of rain and other things

  • Susan Garman / Of rain and other things
‘Susan Garman’s debut collection is a delight. A genuine poetic sensibility, Garman sees beyond the ordinary, the seemingly mundane, to find – to use William Blake’s words - “eternity in a grain of sand”. These poems constantly surprise the reader, both in the way they illuminate the lives we live and Garman’s startling turns of phrase that disarm and exhilarate. Again and again, Garman’s poems don’t go where we think they should go, subtly opening up new ways of seeing and imagining. The observing eye doesn’t preen itself, but directs our attention to the wonders of simply existing. With its precision, humility and sparkle, Of rain and other things reflects a significant talent. There should be more poetry like this.’ - John Foulcher
'The poems in Susan Garman's Of rain and other things leave the reader with a sense that they have immersed themselves in something quite extraordinary. While embracing what appears to be everyday, her poems reveal and invite us to regard events, people and “other things” through a deeply wise, compassionate and uniquely imaginative lens. Mary Oliver once advised to “take care you don’t know anything in this world too quickly or too easily” and Garman’s impressive collection encourages us to reassess, treasure and truly wonder at our experiences of it.’ - George Huitker
978 1 76109 403 3, 54pp




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