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George Genovese / Mind Drift

  • George Genovese / Mind Drift
A number of the works in this collection centre on the notion of ‘the journey’. In all instances, it is ultimately an inner personal one, psychic or spiritual in nature in accordance with whatever term best resonates with the reader. For the author, the journey is a search for meaning, a place of habitation and belonging, of reflective respite away from the round of daily struggle and mere survival, a wondrous space where pause for thought, silence and peace allow an upsurge of creation and culture to blossom. Regret, sorrow and deep-felt yearning, epiphanies overturning gloom and remaking the world into something new and beautiful, touches of lightness and humour, all these will be met with here.
978 1 76109 418 7, 72pp




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