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Simon Stuart / Beauty in the Ruins

  • Simon Stuart / Beauty in the Ruins
'Simon Stuart writes with a deep understanding of the subtle, extraordinary, pivotal moments to be found in everyday life. With these six wonderfully understated yet moving stories, he invites the reader to join him on a journey through the often chaotic and emotionally harsh everyday worlds of characters who reveal themselves in the fragments of the past that they bring to their present. Crafted with sensitivity and empathy, these are stories of resilience, strength and triumph. For as flawed and bruised by life as Stuart’s characters may be, they refuse to be defeated. Rather, they have the courage to remain resilient and hopeful, finding solace and insight in the fleeting moments of beauty that flicker in the shadows of everyday life. A stunning first collection of stories from an outstanding new writer.' - Michael de Valle
978 1 74027 847 8, 58pp




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