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Philip Radmall / thresholds

  • Philip Radmall / thresholds
The poems in this latest collection by award-winning poet Philip Radmall stand us at the starting point of new experiences and states, and follow the forces and callings that summon us out from where we are and bring us back either more knowing or else with a better understanding that there are deeper questions. In language that has been described as ‘melodious’ and that ‘immerses us magnificently’ into its subject matter (Denise O’Hagan, editor, The Blue Nib), these poems articulate the fine shifts of thought and feeling as we cross boundaries (outwardly and inwardly) of place, landscape and time, and the tests and revelations encountered in passing through.
'This is a subtly written and powerful collection, simultaneously summoning us to become aware of the thresholds in our own lives, and implicitly proposing a form of release which begins and ends in our own hearts and minds.' - Compulsive Reader
978 1 76109 429 3, 90pp




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