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T M Collins / The Ruined Room

  • T M Collins / The Ruined Room
‘Any poet who can write a love poem today - a straight love poem, not cynical, or postmodern - and make it work, deserves our admiration. Collins does just that in the final poem in this collection, “I Think of You”.’ - Dr Anne Haehl, Kansas, USA
‘…sensuous nuance and atmosphere, often in a striking, energetic manner… The impression is of freedom of expression, of scope and variety.’ - Judith Rodriguez
‘Collins’s work has clarity and insight, demonstrates a skilful turn of phrase and covers considerable ground with swiftness and precision. It values analysis but is also animated by strong currents of feeling and conviction.’ - Paul Hetherington, NeoPoetica
‘Collins has an artist’s eye illuminating the scenes he describes in poem after poem. Human and humane, this is moving poetry.’ - Lauren Williams, Australian Book Review
‘Collins’s poems pulse in spiritual resonance, vivid imagery, strong integrity and dignity.’ - Denise Jordan, Studio
978 1 76109 435 4, 90pp




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