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Christine Hand / From Colonial Ceylon to Down Under: Short stories

  • Christine Hand / From Colonial Ceylon to Down Under: Short stories
‘In the tradition of O. Henry but with a modern multicultural perspective, Ms. Hand writes with authenticity and empathy about the lives of ordinary people who, we see through her eyes, are anything but ordinary. We meet gossips and lovers, lonely hearts and cads, deep thinkers and daydreamers, fruit sellers and businessmen, students and soldiers, and a host of other characters whose unexceptional lives take unexpected turns. Ms. Hand’s writing reflects a delicious balance of thoughtful curiosity, healthy scepticism, and the kind of wholesome voyeurism we all have but are reluctant to confess. These stories are full of fun. And after reading a few of them, the next time you find yourself standing next to a stranger you won’t be able to resist thinking “Hum, I wonder what he’s all about…’ - Harriet Milks, Senior Assistant Attorney General, State of Alaska
‘Christine is a curious observer of people, places and spaces, with nuanced and detailed description drawing the reader into her stories. These tales of new encounters transport us into everyday lives both familiar and unfamiliar, in all their joy and messiness. Her keen ear for dialogue breathes life into the characters and the varying locales add a layer of cultural observance. The stories can be comfortably read in one sitting, never outstaying their welcome.’ - Rebekah Brammer, journal reviewer
‘Stories of love, naivety, larrikinism are set in countries of very different cultural backgrounds. Clever plots [are] full of suspense with unexpected endings. Characters have ventures that do not go to plan. Pursuing love for some seems futile. Others create problems for themselves.’ - Kath Harrison, writer/philosopher
978 1 76109 446 0, 140pp




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