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Rosanna E. Licari / Earlier

  • Rosanna E. Licari / Earlier
‘Rosanna Licari's poetry is as fecund as the natural world she often writes about. This is engaging and masterful work replete with a love of art and the natural world. Her landscapes are ancient and modern and her work is full of metaphysical possibilities while she also glories in the joy of the more prosaic activities such as doing laps in a swimming pool mind you even that has a transcendental dimension.’ - Phil Brown, Arts Editor, The Courier Mail
‘Rosanna Licari’s Earlier is a “bristling corpus” of extraordinary poetry, deeply rooted in intersectional environmentalism. There are blessings, valedictions and “molten metallaced” poems of witness, devastation and ardour in this collection, exploring in diverse ways metaphysics, metamorphosis, evolution, new histories and ekphrasis. Superb, intimate and breathtaking in their expression of an ecopoetic community, Earlier is a wonderland of poems, where “The seed forms and anticipates / the unfurling dance / of germination.”’ - Cassandra Atherton, Professor of Writing and Literature, Deakin University
'…an amazing variety of poems ranging from rehearsals of cosmic history and the processes of evolution, to historical portraits covering a spectrum from Giordano Bruno to Mary Anning and Rilke, to snapshots of family history…to laments for lost loves, to lyrics…of life now.' - Australian Poetry Review
'Earlier is a book of deep listening; to the voices of the present and the past, including those that should prompt us to understanding and action.' - TEXT
978 1 76109 468 2, 128pp




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