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Steve Tolbert / Packing Smack, Talking Wombats

  • Steve Tolbert / Packing Smack, Talking Wombats
A thrilling novel for young adults. Both of them fleeing the outside world, eighteen-year-old Jackson and reclusive Pete meet on the remote east coast of Flinders Island. Unfortunately, the place is not remote enough.
'Steve Tolbert has intertwined two contrasting worlds and produced a riveting and engrossing novel. It evokes powerfully both the violence and police corruption of the drug scene in the Melbourne underworld as well as it does the natural beauty of Flinders Island and the integrity of the people who live there. The writing is superb and has left me with a longing to visit Flinders Island while allowing me the illusion that I know so much about it already.' - Viewpoint
978 1 74027 407 4, 158pp




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