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Karen Throssell / The Dialectics of Rain

  • Karen Throssell / The Dialectics of Rain
In this, her fifth poetry collection, Karen Throssell revisits similar links between the intensely domestic/ personal and the broader social and political worlds. But in The Dialectics of Rain there are not only new fields of interest – travel and place (Cuba, an Aboriginal settlement in the Northern Territory, and France); a wry and unflinching look at the generational phases of ‘love’; and a series on race and terrorism. The work also experiments with form in a series of ekphrastic poems (looking at the interconnection between poetry and art, music, pottery and film) and a number of longer collage poems which weave poetry and prose.
‘All the way through the book we are having conversations, being asked questions, challenged and confronted by personal existential musings that begin with the personal and end by entering the political terrain.’ - Sandy Jeffs, Rochford Street Review
978 1 76041 703 1, 122pp




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