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Stephen Smithyman / Remembering Richard and Other Tales of Unease

  • Stephen Smithyman / Remembering Richard and Other Tales of Unease
Remembering Richard is a collection of stories about the unease which lies just below the surface of life. A boy sets out to swim across a lake, only to discover its bottom is covered with treacherous, muddy-looking weed, which seems to grasp at him, seeking to drag him under… A family falls apart as the beloved creek at the bottom of their garden is destroyed by a combination of industrial pollution and local council works. People disappear without explanation, the dead revisit the living. the boundaries of reality and sanity are tested. But there is hope, too. One brother looks after another when the latter has fallen on hard times and despaired. And a middle-aged accountant who has lost everything rediscovers confidence and a sense of purpose from a strange encounter with an artist’s wife. By turns sad, funny, mysterious and haunting, these stories will move, amuse, puzzle and ultimately challenge the reader, remaining in the mind long after the book is finished.
‘The stories in Remembering Richard are astute, various, well-crafted and well-written. They move us, ineluctably, from the fabled world of childhood, past the haunted realism of adulthood, into the uncanny state of transformation we all live in today. They do so wisely and generously, as only true remembering can do.’ - Martin Edmond
978 1 76109 483 5, 206pp




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