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Dominic Kirwan / The Mouth in the Sky

  • Dominic Kirwan / The Mouth in the Sky
‘This is a vast collection of meaty poetry, and it traverses diverse topics with irreverent wordplay and dirty-hearted love. To be truthful and self-expressive under the vicious hail of mental illness is not easy. There are so many repeatable quips, but I quote here lines about Andy, who was my always partner: “It spoke at him constantly / Rattling off insults and taunts / Not a minute went by / Without a cruel dig or a dull, perilous whisper / Always at the expense / Of his frail sense / That what was deep inside of him / Was outside of him as well.” Doesn’t that speak to all of us?’ - Sally Harbison, poet, writer, academic
‘Kirwan creates another world, full of storytelling, imagery, symbolism and pathos all in good humour. Sort of quirky and surreal at times. This remarkable collection is a mark of respect to our mutual friend Andrew Coote. His legacy brings the best out in Dominic. The master craftsman at work.’ - Peter Gate, poet, author of Strange Car in My Street
‘Dominic creates a perspective that compels the reader to want to look at themselves and reality through his eyes. Beautifully eccentric and at times brutal, his work explores identity through the lenses of loneliness, love and loss. A journey that points out the tropes of human existence with an irreverent charm. The Mouth in the Sky will make you smirk, pluck your own heartstrings and chuckle while drinking pickled honesty. Poetry at its finest, this book begs to be read more than once.’ - Leonie Hagstrom, poet 
978 1 76109 498 9, 118pp




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