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David Kelly / the handyman and other poems

  • David Kelly / the handyman and other poems
‘David Kelly is keenly attentive to the still-life moments we can so easily all walk past. His poetry is measured and thoughtful, moving fluidly along the journey of interactions with the handyman, before stretching through to observations of fauna and space and haiku. But just when you think you know where he is leading, he stuns with a brilliant poem like “Seven”. From tumbled cats to quicksand, this collection is quietly elegant and profound.’ - Robyn Black, poet, memoirist and short story writer
the handyman and other poems reads like a concerto grosso to me; a concerto grosso of six very distinct movements each with their own pace of language and rhythm fitting for their subject(s) all in a sober language stripped of unnecessary ornamentation that lets you in, that invites you in. A nakedness of language that is commendable. I’m there watching/overhearing the dialogue - verbal and non-verbal - with the handyman. I’m at sporting events trying to grasp what’s going on, a silent observer of dinners for two and pondering about space and Australian wildlife and finding an echo of Bashō’s frog’s hidden jump. In short: I really like this collection.’ - Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Danish poet, artist and editor
‘When one takes the time to truly read and absorb all of the deeply atmospheric nuances of David’s poetry, it very soon becomes quite galahingly obvious that this man is living in a world of allusion. Poignant, evocative Aha! moment allusion. Mr Kelly's latest menagerie of hand-hewn, free-range, home-grown Australian verse is steeped in a billy tea to transport our souls both to the stars and safely back to earth, inexplicably surviving the deadly impenetrable radiation of the Van Allen Belt of toxic incredulity. Buy now, enjoy the rush.’ - Peter McQuade, Pterodactyl Man, musician and comic artist
'The focused consistency of the poet held my attention and drew me into his various themes…' - Quadrant
978 1 76109 500 9, 106pp




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