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Deborah Anne Tanzer / My Bucket List

  • Deborah Anne Tanzer / My Bucket List
The Bucket List is an introspective expedition into growing up in the Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia. Deborah Tanzer’s recollections are offered through verse, every word delicately chosen to capture the spirit of loved ones, seasons, landscape and identities. Complementing the artistic flow of the author are compelling and enticing artworks by her father. The artworks are part of a private and commissioned collection by Barry Tanzer. There are stories attached to each work that express places, the political, family and a lifetime of experiences. The author’s mother, Carol Tanzer, also inspired her to paint as a child. A childhood of watching the artistic sides of both parents has left the author with visual art skills and a fondness for writing.
978 1 76109 511 5, 54pp




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