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Bill Wootton / Watch

  • Bill Wootton / Watch
Bill Wootton has been writing poems for the last ten years since he retired from secondary school teaching. Whether he is watching where he goes inside and out in Hepburn Springs, dipping into his past or tracing connections between things, he commits his observations into quirky and accessible verse. His enthusiasms for watching sport and the comings and goings in gardens and communities make for an intriguing poetry, in which the everyday is seen as if for the first time.
‘Bill Wootton’s poems are kites flown in the sky of our daily lives – hold on to them, go with them.’ - Ross Gillett
‘Bill Wootton is an empathetic poet with a clear and focused voice. His finely detailed and artfully compressed narrative poems are like mini-novels or movies. His work is accessible yet deep, infused with self-effacing humour which makes it a delight to read.’ - Myron Lysenko
‘Bill Wootton’s nimble poems swing through the daily and the resonances of memory with keen observation and genuine warmth. These poems show how clarity and a playful touch are often hard-won yet richly satisfying.’ - Jill Jones
978 1 76109 521 4, 70pp




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