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Michael Newman / Highlights

  • Michael Newman / Highlights
This book describes highlights, and the occasional lowlight, of Michael Newman’s life. It will make you laugh, shudder and reflect. Newman takes you to far-flung places - Jamaica, America, South Africa, France and England - with a witty mind and a cross-cultural vision of the world. This is a personal memoir delighting in the inconsistencies of life. Among the highlights, he talks his way out of a mugging in Kingston, Jamaica, tells the world’s longest joke in Covent Garden, joins a picket line of a clothing workers’ strike in Johannesburg, and finds himself in Paris during the riots that swept across France in May 1968. Among the lowlights, he flies a car in north Pakistan and comes a social cropper in Dallas.
Born in Tenterfield, NSW, Michael Newman took his BA at Sydney University. He worked as a journalist in Sydney, then went to London, where he flirted with acting. He was a community education worker in Shepherd Bush After some years, he became warden of the Working Men’s College. From there, he was invited back to Australia to become director of the WEA (Workers Education Association). He completed his working life as an academic at the University of Technology. He is a two-time winner of the Cyril O. Houle Award for outstanding literature in adult education, awarded by the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education.
978 1 76109 535 1, 276pp




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