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Joanna Talberg / They said we were isolated: My life at Top Farm on Tasmania's west coast

  • Joanna Talberg / They said we were isolated: My life at Top Farm on Tasmania\'s west coast
It’s 1974. Joanna’s and Peter’s dream is to turn a remote, neglected property on the wild west coast of Tasmania into a thriving cattle enterprise. Having grown up as a sheltered only child, Joanna had leaped out of the nest at twenty seeking adventure. While Papua New Guinea, South America and Europe offered easy adventure, she gets more than she bargained for on Top Farm. Three hours’ drive from the nearest town at the end of a sandy, rocky track, Top Farm offers her tough, gritty adventure, while living in a cottage with no plumbing, no telephone and no neighbours. Joanna throws herself into everything. She explores the paddocks, rainforest and nearby beach; is enchanted by the wildlife; falls in love with cows; and becomes hooked on gardening when her pea seeds burst out of the moist soil. However, with cattle prices falling, weather gods that decree more rain than sun, and their savings shrinking, Joanna and Peter face an uncertain future. Will they overcome their problems or will they be forced to drive away forever from the farm at the end of the track?
978 1 76109 541 2, 176pp




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