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Zenda Vecchio / The Swan's Egg

  • Zenda Vecchio / The Swan\'s Egg
'When I was a little girl, I hurt my arm and my mother took me to a different doctor, one I’d never been to before. He called me an ugly duckling. My mother laughed when he said it but I didn’t mind. Just as long as I had been hatched from a swan’s egg. Because, then, eventually, I would turn into a swan and nothing else would matter.'
This is seventeen-year-old Ruth's story of her determination to find a place for herself in a world very different from the one she had imagined as a child.
Zenda Vecchio is an award-winning South Australian author whose numerous short stories and poems have been published in a variety of literary journals and magazines. She has had two novels for adolescents published but this is her first novel for adults.
‘…engrossing…rich and rewarding…lingers in the reader’s minds and emotions.’ - Studio
‘…fascinating, accessible…inspirational…’ - Tamba
978 1 74027 867 6, 250pp




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