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Decima Wraxall / The Infinite Mystery of Being

  • Decima Wraxall / The Infinite Mystery of Being
‘This collection blends candid and personal worlds, short stories, allegories, and vignettes. The warmth of “Knight in Shining Chain Mail” moves to the chilling short story “Undertow”, with its secrets, to heart-rending “The Broken Windmill”. Decima does not shy away from reality, with all its twists and turns of family angst, defiant love, jealousy, betrayal, blackmail, and the ache of the road not taken, balanced by the humour of light-hearted stories such as “Pop-up Author” and “Guest of Honour”. The great strength of Decima’s writing is her ability to hook the reader into a story. Her pared-back, often lyrical language keeps one involved until the denouement, one which often lingers long after the last full stop. I am still pondering “Burning Sixpence”. What did I just experience? Enjoy a wonderful feast of language and ever-changing images.’ - Colleen Keating
978 1 76109 581 8, 184pp




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