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Beatriz Copello / Rambles

  • Beatriz Copello / Rambles
‘Do not expect gentle rambles through the countryside. Beatriz Copello takes us on rough treks - through broken worlds, past “sleepwalkers trained to kill”, “banquets of horror / tablecloth tinted in blood”, “dolphins wrapped in plastic bags”, “bats without trees” - challenging us to read briskly, urgently and breathe often. We are rewarded with times of love and with exquisite encounters with the numinous; we are offered tender hope. There are deep troughs and dark tunnels to navigate but with this highly acclaimed wordsmith we are drawn on by what the French philosopher Simone Weil calls “this something” In safe hands, we witness hollowness and hypocrisy and find our hunger is sated with the better angels of raw honesty. For us pilgrims, this is a searing and rewarding read.’ - Colleen Keating
‘Copello wears her heart, her mind, her eyes plus anger & love on her sleeve. All in or nothing!’ -Les Wicks
‘Beatriz Copello offers bold and inquisitive poems for our turbulent times. She speaks of the how, the why and the if of our relationship with our precious, corrupted planet. Circling through time and memory to have us protected by the “purple shawl” of a wisteria, moved by “the stories of the ancient past” and enriched by her sharp way of unravelling womanhood.’ - Angela Costi
978 1 76109 599 3, 76pp




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