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Shoshanna Rockman / take me for tame

  • Shoshanna Rockman / take me for tame
‘Rockman’s take me for tame introduces us to an emerging poet exploring identity, trauma and chaos. Passionate, confessional and resolute, with her outlook and inclinations laid bare, she seeks the kind of poetry that ‘delivers a swift and potent punch’. Is she the Medusa she so admires? A mother, lover and She-Wolf combined? Whatever you decide you’ve no choice but to ask: Who is this new maverick poet?’ - Nathan Curnow
‘What? No! Help! Here comes a new poet, right at me, right over the top of me, like a steamroller wearing dancing shoes. And all I can say is - Yes! Yes! And also - Help! The inexorable verve of this book! Whew! Shoshanna Rockman has mad skillz and a pocket full of firecrackers.’ - Jennifer Compton
'take me for tame is a powerful debut, strong and vulnerable, humorous and intense in its exploration of emotional trauma and the ways it manifests through generations. Rockman is a poet to watch.' - Compulsive Reader
978 1 76109 614 3, 60pp




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