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Kevin Densley / Please Feed the Macaws...I'm Feeling Too Indolent

  • Kevin Densley / Please Feed the Macaws...I\'m Feeling Too Indolent
‘Kevin Densley’s Please Feed the Macaws…I’m Feeling Too Indolent is lively as a string of firecrackers. Combining wry observations on the shortcomings of culture and politics with keen historical portraiture and a new kind of dense poetic squib - packed with a whole poem’s charge in a few short lines - the collection crackles into life on every page. His vision is both broad and specific. Broad, when he focuses on the mythic figures that shape our world - Madonna and Child, Kate Kelly in her brothers’ shadow, even Nosferatu winking from the wings - but specific in the small, delightful ways he brings them to life. Solemn-serious, building the early bridges, graceful as a cow with a cup of tea. Please Feed the Macaws is a collection that sighs, and rages, at the inanities of the world - then sets out to change them, one line and coruscating image at a time.’ - James Roderick Burns
978 1 76109 616 7, 64pp




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