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Muriel Bergel / Watering the Marigolds

  • Muriel Bergel / Watering the Marigolds
‘Poetry has the ability to cover a lot of ground in a few lines, and Muriel Bergel’s book deals with so many questions and conundrums. In these pages we find goddesses, dreams, music, mothers and even ugg boots. Mythology and the everyday are combined to great effect. This is a remarkably poised first collection, inviting us to travel with the poet as she navigates her way through loss, labyrinths and the art of kissing. Vivid images and memorable phrases will linger in the reader’s mind.’ - PS Cottier
‘Personal reveries free the spirit. Poems unfold memories, send postcards that weave a delicate web. Reveal ancient mythologies of love and sadness, “a cord still attaches us, I’ve tried to cut it but my scissors are rusty, so I keep coming back.” Words caress family, lovers, nature, with a gentle kiss and release of “dandelion wishes”. A beautiful collection.’ - Jenni Nixon
‘In this debut collection, the world of spirits and nature flows alongside the domestic and the everyday. Muriel Bergel journeys through a maze of grief, yet is resuscitated by the startling energy of the “fiery orange blooms” of the marigolds, by gum trees, cicadas and dragonflies. Accompanied by the power of goddesses, she navigates through life, finding her way toward regeneration, renewal and new beginnings. As well, often light and playful, this satisfying collection is infused with vamos - a Spanish word meaning “let’s go, come on”.’ - Jane Skelton
978 1 76109 618 1, 48pp




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