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Brenda Eldridge / Sounds & Silences

  • Brenda Eldridge / Sounds & Silences
Vivid memories prompted by hearing a few stray notes playing sent me wandering through my very rich life to renew my love of particular pieces of music and songs. When I started writing poems, I recognised that, for me, music is like ekphrastic poetry. A composer responds to something and in turn there is my response to the composer. From my own experiences, I was reminded how my mental image or emotional response to a piece of music was not necessarily what the composer had in mind. Being more aware of the silences throughout a piece of music or when it comes to an end, I started to write about silence. In doing that, I realised that in our ordinary lives it doesn’t exist. What is silence? It appears to be a momentary pause between one sound and the next – a heartbeat. Even if everything else can be blocked out, we can still feel or hear our own heart beating. Having got that far, I explored places where there was ‘silence’ and discovered what I could really hear.
978 1 76109 624 2, 56pp




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