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Ron Heard & Sue Schindler / A Life Deserves Nine Cats

  • Ron Heard & Sue Schindler / A Life Deserves Nine Cats
A Life Deserves Nine Cats is a collection of poems and drawings of cats. by Sue Schindler and Ron Heard. Tough and tender. Vivid and well observed. Never sentimental. A book for cat lovers and for readers of poetry.
‘If you have ever known, or loved or mourned a cat, these poems and portraits will insinuate themselves into your affections in a familiar way. The poems and artwork capture, with grace, agility and wit, the mysterious wiles of cats and the charmed lives they lead with their human companions.’ – Jena Woodhouse
‘The first poem I ever published was titled “I hate cats”. So, if I tell you I love this small collection of cat poems, you may get an inkling of how fine it is. Funny, insightful, moving and subtly crafted, these poems by Ron Heard are a pleasure to read for non-cat-lovers: I imagine for cat lovers they might almost be Cat Heaven.’ – Andrew Lansdown
‘Sue Schindler’s drawings are cats we immediately recognise: in the weight of a paw lying just so, in a density of sleep, and in a sudden, acute awareness.’ – Joanne Horniman
978 1 76109 642 6, 46pp




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