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Tarla Kramer / Tango of the Widow

  • Tarla Kramer / Tango of the Widow
In her first full-length collection of poetry, Tarla Kramer recounts the final days of her husband’s life and her long journey of grief as a mother with four young children.
Tango of the Widow is a poignant depiction of the death of a loved husband, as Tarla Kramer relives the progression of his illness and her grief and sense of loss. She writes with a raw energy, bringing to life the desolation of his departure and the pain of memories, in a charting of the time from diagnosis to her gradual re-emergence in the years after his death. The book is a brave and ultimately hopeful account of the way one copes with tragedy.’ - Valerie Volk, author of In Due Season, Marking Time, In Search of Anna
‘These poems compel by their matter-of-factness, as they unflinchingly confront the reality of sickness and death. They move us by their precision, restraint and gravity. Those who are grieving or trying to understand their grief-stricken neighbour will benefit from reading this book.’ - Aidan Coleman
978 176109 644 0, 88pp




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