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Laurie Brady / Five Ordinary Men

  • Laurie Brady / Five Ordinary Men
Five Ordinary Men is a collection of five stories, each focusing on a different man, though the reader may think the book title is a misnomer and question whether some or all of the men are ‘ordinary’ at all. One man inexplicably commits a terrible crime, and relates aspects of his life trying to explain his actions both to himself and others. Another’s memories of his close friend are reawakened when shown six varied photographs of their shared lives. Another wrestles with guilt and the disenchantment of his partner for not having intervened to help a stranger being attacked. Another’s extraordinary shyness, or something more, affects his relationship with a shy woman. And another is impacted by self-doubt and loss of self-esteem from a student’s complaint that he assaulted her. Taken together, these varied stories present a wide range of insights into the human condition.
978 1 76109 655 6, 214pp




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