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Carol Patterson / Vanishing Point

  • Carol Patterson / Vanishing Point
‘Carol Patterson deserves much wider recognition for her brilliant mastery of the short story form. Each story immerses the reader in an entirely different, vividly depicted setting with complex and contrasting characters. Patterson brings these characters to life as they confront a range of human dilemmas and emotional challenges. Her work is superbly crafted with control of syntax, voice and style.’ - Janet Upcher
‘In these stories, there is a voice of wisdom, a voice of experience, a voice of clarity. The author has tremendous sensitivity to the characters, which allows her to breathe true insight into every scenario. They are the kind of people one may meet in day-to-day life and often encourage us to pause and reflect on our own experiences in comparable scenarios. There is a dynamic interplay between the physical surroundings and history of each narrative with the impact on the characters’ thoughts and reflections. Above all, the writing has grace and elegance.’ - Dr Paul Goodey-Adevisyan
978 1 76109 659 4, 234pp




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