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Adriana K. Wood / Twisted Sisters

  • Adriana K. Wood / Twisted Sisters
In the title story of this collection, Alysson was raised to believe in a sisterhood of women. She is plunged into a world where the ‘sisters’ are twisted. Women set her up at work by a malicious prank. A manager tries to molest her. These events occur in the stories set in a fictitious agency where she is a badly treated casual. In ‘Bad Neighbours’, Trudy, Alysson, the owner of the property, and most of the street, are victimised, any hour of the day and night, by a rowdy drug fiend, Trixie. while police and public health agencies are only concerned about Trixie’s civil rights and political correctness. Unexpected allies come up with a shady solution. Alysson meets a sinister character in ‘Death at a Railway Station’ and a few snake charmers in ‘The Snake Charmer’. In the final stories, a feisty, red-haired private investigator, Kristy, tracks down various mysterious characters, including a runaway house wife, Isobel, Lindsay, a university student, and his mysterious wife, Tamsin. Kristy also searches for a mysterious hacker who isn’t what he seems. She is put in danger by a shady character in ‘The Cult’.
978 1 76109 661 7, 118pp




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