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Jean McArthur and Linda M. Walker / Weather Eyes

  • Jean McArthur and Linda M. Walker / Weather Eyes
‘Seasoned poets Jean McArthur and Linda M. Walker have captured the earthy and the ethereal. Keen observers of people, of moods past and present, they have splayed their poems to weave a strong poetic narrative, where stories patch/together bits and pieces. Through highly-charged language and rich imagery Weather Eyes takes us on a journey to vivid album moments, of memories dark and light. Some scenes are blurry, others midday bright, or hazily surreal. Weather Eyes sparkles with originality, with fresh metaphor. Join two masters of their craft as they travel, feel, think, and imagine, distilling the intangible into words…from complex relationships of ash and anger to that great balancer of humanity, the positive power of the natural world. Trust McArthur and Walker’s Weather Eyes to show you patterns of the past and blue velvet tropic nights…old coats and worn shoes and a blue morning light on the sparrows bathing.’ – Jude Aquilina
978 1 76109 675 4, 114pp




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