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Brenda Eldridge / Simple Pleasures

  • Brenda Eldridge / Simple Pleasures
The almost inescapable presence of TV advertising and social media in our lives means we are being constantly bombarded by information. News can be about devastation by natural forces, or the unspeakable atrocities of man’s inhumanity to to his fellow beings. We are exposed to the appalling behaviour of so-called world leaders and wonder why our young people find it so hard to believe in anything. Closer to home we struggle with broken relationships, illness, tragedy and loss. Coming to the end of 2023, I stopped to look at poems I had written during the year and was reminded of the small things that quietly filled me with joy and hope. They’re things that aren’t what would be called newsworthy but still they have value. As well as the big traumas, life is about noticing the simple pleasures…
978 1 76109 678 5, 50pp




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