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David Kelly / quartet

  • David Kelly / quartet
‘David Kelly has an uncanny ability to dissect the most mundane moments with unexpected bursts of insight. Laced with David’s bizarre sense of humour, quartet is a collection of poetry like no other. It tantalises the senses and makes you reach deep into your own humanity to reflect upon snippets of time, real or imagined. From the environmental swirl of life in the forest, grasping the message from a dying man’s handshake, memories of an expectant toddler, through to creating a regiment of the elderly with scooter trains, David’s poetry is firing on all four cylinders.’ - Suellen Drysdale, President, Goulburn Valley Writers Group
‘David Kelly continues his exciting quest to find different ways to write and present poetry. His fourth book quartet shows four of these ways. The first section contains prosaic paragraphs about everyday life in a country town, the second section has poems in the happy, primal voice of a child, the third section contains long descriptive poems about trees, birds and the families of the bush and the final section presents narrative poems about family struggles which read like a poetry novella. Kelly’s poetry focuses on small but resonant details which celebrate aspects of an Australian way of life.’ - Myron Lysenko
978 1 76109 684 6, 120pp




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