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Michael Sariban / Midnight Radio

  • Michael Sariban / Midnight Radio
Midnight Radio explores the complex landscape of intimate attachments, offering nuanced, original perspectives on the ambiguities that pervade them. The collection reflects a clear-eyed intelligence and a sensibility at once ironic and vulnerable. Often conversational in tone, satisfyingly varied, these compact yet multi-layered poems, deeply observed even at their most playful, engage both heart and mind.
‘There is a hot black nerve running through Midnight Radio which Michael Sariban plays with unnerving lyrical confidence. This is a collection of poetry that gives a fiendish pleasure.’ - Dorothy Porter
‘These poems glide beneath the eye, the lightness of their surface deceptive. Unapologetically direct, they chart a course through the debris of contemporary culture, mingling intimate reflection and sardonic detachment.’ - Amanda Stewart
‘The poems are really sharp and clear and very stylish…a multi-pronged investigation of love and passion.’ - Martin Duwell
978 1 76109 686 0, 106pp




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